iPad Mini 4 Accessories

In September 2015, the Apple iPad family welcomed another member by the name of iPad mini 4 into their midst. The tablet sports a 7.9-inch display with 2048 x 1536 resolution, an 8-megapixel iSight camera, a 1.2-megapixel FaceTime camera and includes 16GB, 64GB or 128GB of internal storage space.

Explore First-rate iPad Mini 4 Accessories on MyTrendyPhone

When it comes to fully shielding and equipping your tablet, it is important to understand you needn't sacrifice style for protection or vice versa—you can get both at the same time! Various iPad mini 4 accessories can cater to your numerous needs and, since you are already on this page, you will notice your choices are truly vast. Here on MyTrendyPhone you can pick anything from the most durable of cases and covers for the mini 4 that can also serve as a colourful fashion accessory, over the much-needed chargers and batteries which will make sure you can work on your tablet without limitations, all the way to different Bluetooth accessories and headsets that will improve the way you use your tablet. To read more about what kinds of high-quality iPad mini 4 equipment you will find here, scroll down this page and enjoy browsing our numerous subcategories!

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Protect Your Tablet On Time; Opt for Mini 4 Cases and Covers

The iPad mini 4 tablet is extremely light and slim, so a protective case is almost a must-have. As it is typical of the Cupertino giant, Apple has made sure it has its own line of colourful iPad mini 4 covers and cases, designed to pair up with your tablet perfectly. The Smart Cover, made out of reliable polyurethane, attaches to the front of the device and wakes the tablet up as soon as you open it. The Silicone Case, on the other hand, snaps onto the back of the gadget and doesn't add any bulk to its sleek design, while simultaneously giving the iPad mini 4 full-on protection against bumps, scratches and dust.

Power Up with Chargers and Batteries for the iPad Mini 4

Once you've equipped your tablet with a case or cover, you've succesfully dealt with its exterior and appearance. However, what is equally important is to ensure you are able to use your device whenever you want and wherever you want. Enter chargers and batteries for the mini 4.

For those of you who frequently travel, whether for work or pleasure, a car charger, travel charger or a power bank for the iPad mini 4 are some of the accessories that you should consider affording. Just like your tablet, these gadgets are easily portable, usually fairly lightweight and ready to use on the go. On MyTrendyPhone there is a myriad of different external batteries for the iPad mini 4 with various additional useful features, such as dual USB ports for multiple charing, LED indicators that show the remaining power or they are simply waterproof or shock-resistant, which significantly faciliates their handling.

Say Goodbye to Wires with Various Bluetooth Accessories on MyTrendyPhone

The wireless era has already begun and Bluetooth equipment is still the leading accessory in this department. If at some point you decide you wish to upgrade the accuracy of your typing, it is advisable you choose one of the slim (and often rollable) Bluetooth keyboards from our selection. Pairing up your mini 4 with diverse Bluetooth accessories is easy, so if you desire to enhance your music-listening experience, you will have the time of your life strolling through our assortment of Bluetooth headsets and stereo headsets.

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