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Bluetooth Accessories by Parrot

Parrot Bluetooth accessories are for those who want to take their driving experience to a higher level. We have a large selection of Parrot accessories including Parrot MKi9200, MKi9100 and other models. Choose the right model and automate your driving. Don’t forget to take advantage of our affordable prices and save up to 50%! Welcome!

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Parrot Bluetooth Accessories: Asteroid SMART Bluetooth Car Kit

One of the most powerful Parrot Bluetooth accessories is the Asteroid SMART Bluetooth Car Kit. If you are a true music lover, this Android receiver might be a perfect solution for you. It has a lot of options. As you can guess, you can connect your smartphone and play music songs from your playlist.

But if you don’t have enough songs stored in your mobile phone, there are other audio sources such as Deezer, Spotify, radio stations, etc. In other words, this car accessory helps you enjoy music whilst driving.

However, this is much more than an audio system since it works like a mini laptop. You can download and install applications, music, movies, and games through the Asteroid Market.

It also features a GPS navigation antenna, which can show you the exact location at any time. Thanks to this feature you can also check the weather.

It is worth mentioning that you can connect various types of external devices to this system. So if you want to make your ride safer, you can connect a dash cam to the system. Whether you have a rear or front camera, you can activate them via the panel app.

Another useful feature is the Line-in option. It allows you to connect devices such as or car microphones. For instance, if you have a USB sticks, you can share files with this system such as songs or movies.

Make Your Calls Hands-Free

One of the biggest concerns of every driver is road safety. It’s difficult to make calls or write messages whilst driving. This is why many people decide to get phone holders to make this process a bit easier.

However, there is always a better solution. For instance, you can connect your smartphone to a Parrot car system via Bluetooth. Once connected, you can access your phonebook, so if you have equipped your car with a microphone, you can make calls hands-free.

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