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Here you can find the most frequently asked questions and answers


1. Orders

How long does it take to deliver the product?

The time of delivery is indicated next to each product. If you order products with different delivery times on the same order, the individual items in the order will be sent separately as the products arrive in stock. When we have dispatched the parcel, you will usually receive it the next day.

How much does it cost to send the product?

The current delivery fee can be viewed at any time by clicking  here . Please note that the delivery charge applies per order. In other words, you pay the same amount, regardless of whether one, ten or a hundred products are included in the order. 

Do you send products outside the UK?

Yes. The current delivery prices can be viewed by clicking here

What happened to my order?

Did you receive a confirmation of your order by e-mail within one hour? If not, your order probably didn't go through.

2. Delivery

Shipment: how are the products sent?

All consignments are packed soundly and anonymously and dispatched using Royal Mail or UPS.

Delivery: how is it possible for MyTrendyPhone to deliver products so quickly?

Our large storage capacity and the fact that we stock more than six thousand product categories enable us to deliver overnight.

Welcome to our shop
We look forward to receiving your order.

Delivery time: what is the delivery time?

MyTrendyPhone delivers within one to four weekdays.
For further details, see Delivery.

When will I receive my backorder?

You will regularly receive e-mails with information about expected delivery time for products that are on backorder. As soon as your item is in stock, it will be shipped - and we will of course bear the resulting additional shipping costs of one or more partial deliveries. If you wish to cancel or change your order, please contact our customer service.


I would like to pay using a giro inpayment form. Why can't I ?

The option of paying with a giro inpayment form is not available to our personal customers. If you represent a company, you may apply to set up a business account. To do so, send an e-mail to:

Payment using a Credit & Debit Cards: is it secure?

Yes. It is actually more secure than using the card in a "physical" shop. Further details about security are available here.

Can I transfer the money to your account without using a Credit/Debit card?

Yes, you can. The procedure would be following:
You are supposed to let us know what it is you are interesed in by providing us with the product code you have found on our web page. The product code along with the address you wish to have products delivered to should be sent to
After we have received that information, you will get a response from us containing our company account information and the total sum you are required to pay. After you have transferred the money, you should provide a confirmation and upon the completion of that transaction, the products are sent to your desired address.

Payment: which means of payment are accepted?

At MyTrendyPhone, you can pay as follows:

- Euro card / MasterCard, Maestro, Visa, Visa Electron
- JCB, Diners Club
- American Express
- PayPal
- Verified by Visa / MasterCard Secure Code

You can read more about it under Prices and Payment methods .

Payment: When do you charge my Credit/Debit card?

Your Credit/Debit card will be charged the moment your order leaves our warehouse.

Currency: which currency do you use for payment?

MyTrendyPhone receives payment in the currency indicated by the price of the product, which is usually EUR (Euro).

Secure payment: How do you make sure my payment is secured?

Security measures are described in our Terms and Conditions, and you can read more about it by clicking here.


VAT: do the prices include VAT?

VAT is charged on all goods sold at the standard UK rate of 20% and is included in all prices.

However you also have the option of viewing the product prices exclusive of VAT
(click "View without VAT" at the bottom of the product cards).

VAT: do you sell products without VAT outside the European Union?

Yes. We invoice customers residing outside the EU (e.g. Switzerland, Greenland, The Faroe Islands, Iceland and Norway) without adding VAT. 

To order, select "Country" (in order step 1: "personal information"), 
after which the VAT amount will automatically be deducted. 
For VAT-free orders, you, as the customer, are personally responsible for any customs clearance in the country where you reside.

Prices: what do the prices cover?

The prices at the website are charged on all goods sold at the standard UK rate of 20% and is included in all prices. Even so, it is possible for you to choose to view the product prices exclusive of VAT (by clicking "View without VAT" at the bottom of the product cards).

All prices indicated at the website are list prices. Products sold at a reduced price are shown with a clear specification of the new price and with the "before price" crossed out.

(We are not responsible for misprints, and prices are subject to change without notice.)

Price match guarantee: what does this entail?

MyTrendyPhone has found a way to sell products at even lower prices than usual. We are analyzing our competition on daily bases, and have decided to reward those customers that help us keeping up with the trend of having best prices on the market. For that purpose MyTrendyPhone provides a 30-day price match guarantee.
To be eligible for the price-match guarantee, products must match in terms of brand, EAN number, colour, size, quantity and packaging. The price of the product, including shipping fees, must be lower than the price indicated on the MyTrendyPhone website. The price guarantee does not apply to mobile phones, cordless phones, tablets, watches, music players, game consoles, TV & HiFi products, cameras, spare parts or repairs. Products sold at special promotional prices, as part of stock clearances, and those purchased directly from a manufacturer or authorised wholesaler do not qualify. Unfortunately, it is not possible for us to offer price guarantees for products that cost more than 135 € .

The price-match guarantee applies only to private purchases, and not B2B sales.

If it should happen that you find an identical but cheaper product which meets all the aforementioned criteria, please submit documentation to stating your MyTrendyPhone order number, as well as information on the bank account to which the price difference is to be transferred.

This guarantee only applies to the purchase itself, and cannot be combined with other offers / discounts, including the Club Trendy discount, flyers, coupons, promotions, etc.

Discount: how do I become eligible for a bulk discount?

Please call +441704335578.


Damage: what should I do if my product is damaged?

If you discover that your products have been damaged during transport or are defective because of a manufacturing error, you are kindly requested to return them to MyTrendyPhone in the original packaging.


Advantages: what advantages are available to me at MyTrendyPhone?

The most striking advantages at MyTrendyPhone:

- Original brands, right from the warehouse
- Lowest prices in the market
- Quickest handling time in the market
- Open to receive orders 24 hours a day
- Personal, authorised customer service
- Approved by e-mark.

Cancellation: can I cancel my purchase?

Yes. You may cancel your order at any time or return the products ordered within 14 days in accordance with the provisions of the Danish Sale of Goods Act.

Ordering: how do I order?

The procedure for placing an order in the shop is as follows:

- Put the products you wish to buy in the basket
- Open the basket
- Click BUY NOW
- Enter your personal data (ordering step 1)
- Enter the method of payment (ordering step 2)
- Approve the order (ordering step 3)
- You receive confirmation of your order (ordering step 4)

Uncertain: I am uncertain about my order.

If this is the first time you are buying something from MyTrendyPhone and you are unsure of whether your order "went through", or whether you have filled it in correctly in terms of what you wish to order, you have two options:

When placing the order:
Indicate in the your order's note field that you wish to receive confirmation of your order by telephone. 

After placing your order:
Send an e-mail to stating that you wish to have your order confirmed by telephone.

How do I send my device for repair?

If you want to send your device for repair, here is the procedure:

- Order the repair online and pay for it.
- You will receive an order confirmation with an order number, which should be enclosed with the package.
- Pack your device responsibly and send it to the following address:

MyTrendyPhone UK Ltd
112c High Street, Hadleigh
Suffolk IP7 5EL
United Kingdom

We recommend that you send your device as a package, in order for the contents to be secured by the freight forwarder.

- Do not send extra accessories, such as charger, SD card or sim-card. You should always be sure to back up the data on your device yourself.


How do I log on to the Customer Service Centre?

Click the Order tracking link in the top menu. 
Then enter your e-mail address and password after which you are automatically logged in.


Cancellation: I would like to cancel my order?

MyTrendyPhone provides a 14-day right of cancellation which is valid from the day you receive your shipment 
(cf. the provisions of the Sale of Goods Act). 
If you wish to cancel your purchase, MyTrendyPhone must be notified of this no less than 14 days after the day you have received your products. 

You are under an obligation to return the product in essentially the same condition and quantity as it was received. 

You must pay all costs connected with returning the product to MyTrendyPhone's address.

Complaints: what rules apply?

MyTrendyPhone provides a two-year right of complaint on all products purchased at MyTrendyPhone 
(cf. the Danish law regarding retail purchases). 

For products with limited durability, the right of complaint is limited to the durability period of the product in question. 

Any faults or deficiencies in products delivered by MyTrendyPhone must be cited within a reasonable period of time after the fault has been discovered. 

It is your duty to indicate and, on demand, to show how the fault or deficiency manifests itself. If you discover a fault, you must contact MyTrendyPhone as soon as possible.

Complaints: I wish to file a complaint.

If you wish to file a complaint regarding a product you have received, this must be done with 14 days after the date of delivery
(cf. the provisions of the Danish Sale of Goods Act). 

Your complaint must be sent by e-mail to or by ordinary mail to our postal address.


Guarantee: what does MyTrendyPhone promise?

- 30-day price guarantee
- 14 day right of cancellation
- Complete satisfaction guaranteed or your money back
- Open 24 hours a day
- Secure Internet shopping
- No unwanted (spam) e-mail

Internet shopping: is it secure?

Do you shop on the Internet already or are you considering to do so? 

The security currently used for payments via the Internet has made MyTrendyPhone's concept possible. At MyTrendyPhone, we recommend our customers to shop on the Internet, as it is at least just as secure as if the customers had used their charge card in a "physical" shop. 

This high level of security is achieved by carrying out the payments using the SSL protocol. By using SSL our customers have no deductible. 

MyTrendyPhone's payment partners: PBS, Dibs, Danske Bank and BG Bank. 

Information about things like card number and account number are not freely accessible on the Internet when you do business with us. Actually, we do not have access to your payment information at any time - and that's how it should be, too. 

In practice, this means that if a customer places an incorrect order, which sometimes happens, this can be cancelled (the payment will also be cancelled) and can be replaced by a new order.

Cookies: what are cookies and how do you use them?

MyTrendyPhone uses cookies to ensure that you, the customer, get the best possible experience at MyTrendyPhone
A cookie is a text file that is used for controlling the advertising system, etc. A cookie is used for remembering your password when you enter your name, for instance.

Internet shopping: four good tips!

1) Do not buy products from companies on the Internet if it is not clearly apparent who is behind them.

(Name, address, bank, VAT no.) 

2) Is it clearly stated whether the carriage cost for your products is included in the price? 

3) Be completely certain that the payment is transacted through a credible payment partner 
(e.g. PBS).

4) Never state your card number and/or your card verification code when placing your order by telephone or fax. 
- If you do, you are giving sensitive information to a third party.

Personal data: who has access to my personal data?

MyTrendyPhone has access to your personal data (but not your card information) and stores them on a protected server. 

Personal data are not disclosed to a third party without your consent.

Personal data: how are my personal data stored?

At you must state your personal data such as name, address, phone number, e-mail address, etc., in connection with placing your order. 

MyTrendyPhone will never sell this information or in any other way disclose it without your express permission. 

Your personal data are secure at MyTrendyPhone.


I'm entitled to deduct VAT. How do you handle this?

If you state a delivery address outside the EU, the VAT amount will automatically be deducted before you place your order. You may also be entitled to deduct VAT if you are ordering for a company within the EU, or if you are stationed abroad by the Danish state, the Danish military or similar. In this case, please indicate this in the message field when placing your order. We will then make sure to deduct the VAT amount before dispatching the order and withdrawing the amount on your card.


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