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DiamondProtect Hightech Liquid Screen Protector

DiamondProtect Hightech Liquid Screen Protector
Tel: (441) 704-335-578
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Tel: (441) 704-335-578
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DiamondProtect Hightech Liquid Screen Protector

This high-tech liquid glass is designed to make your smartphone or tablet display significantly harder, more durable, and water repellent. The DiamondProtect is up to 600% harder and more resistant to breaking and scratching. Easy to apply in 3 simple steps the DiamondProtect leaves absolutely no air bubbles. Completely invisible it cannot be felt, there is no shine or reflective glare. Suitable for smartphones, tablets, GPS devices, MP4 players, etc. The anti-bacterial properties reduce the presence of bacteria up to 99.9%.

Super resistant:
Advanced space technology will make your display more resistant to scratches and dirt, more durable and even safe from water drops and splashes.

Easy cleaning:
Clean your smartphone screen with just a wipe - blurry displays and fingerprint smudges will be the past.

Antibacterial coating:
DiamondProtect thin nano coating prevents the formation of bacteria and germs.

No air bubbles:
Unlike usual screen protectors, DiamondProtect sits perfectly, like skin on your device and is therefore 100% free of bubbles.

In the package:
- DiamondProtect liquid glass
- Cleaning cloth
- Application cloth for liquid glass applying
- Microfiber cloth

Packing: Euroblister

Product number: 200317 | EAN: 4260490980022



Nano technology
That protection is good but , have to know that this will take time if you want to do it right. I place this protection to 2 phones same time. 2pcs diamond high tech liquid.You have to know that it takes time more than 12hours before you can use device. I Check from the clock that 20hours is that time before do ENYTHING on device. And that was totally dry on 40hours and I believe that what the information of this packet says 72 hours totally protection.Because if you look the front glass with led light you see there some white bobbles, But those will dry on 40hours.My girlfriend told that his phone glass looks like there is trashbut ni it's not that is the liguid. So don't be stupid when using this and , YOU HAVE TO WAIT 20HOURS not 12 like information says.

Great company and products, excellent delivery time
I bought the diamond protection for my Huawei Mate 10 Lite, thinking and understanding from the description that it would protect the screen from liquids and scratches. As the product description online was only in German, I dis not understand everything correctly at first, but when I received the product I was quite surprized as it was a liquid to apply to the screen to protect it. I first thought that it would be just scam, but after trying it I have to say that I am extremely satisfied, so I am now thinking to purchase also the film to apply to the screen of my phone.I definitively recommend this company.




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