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Green Cell Pro Charger / Adapter - Dell Precision, Latitude, Inspiron - 90W

Green Cell Pro Charger / Adapter - Dell Precision, Latitude, Inspiron - 90WGreen Cell Pro Charger / Adapter - Dell Precision, Latitude, Inspiron - 90WGreen Cell Pro Charger / Adapter - Dell Precision, Latitude, Inspiron - 90WGreen Cell Pro Charger / Adapter - Dell Precision, Latitude, Inspiron - 90WGreen Cell Pro Charger / Adapter - Dell Precision, Latitude, Inspiron - 90W
Green Cell Pro Charger / Adapter - Dell Precision, Latitude, Inspiron - 90W
Tel: (441) 704-335-578
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Tel: (441) 704-335-578
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Green Cell Pro Laptop Charger / Adapter for Dell Precision, Latitude, Inspiron, Vostro, Studio, XPS, Alienware - 90W

Replaces the following power supply types:
- Dell: 0928G4, 928G4, O928G4, 0HH44H, 332, 00W6KV, 06C3W2, 09RCDC, 09T21, 09T215, 09T269, 0C120H, 0CM889, 0D094H, 0DF266, 0DF315, 0H0W77, 0HOW77, 0J62H3, 0JCF3V, 0KD8HY, 0MK947, 0MM545, 0MV2MM, 0NN236, 0NY512, 0TK3DM, 0U680F, 0U7809, 0UU572, 0W6KV, 0WK890, 0WTC0V, 0Y4M8K, 0Y807G, 0Y808G, 0YD9W8, 0YY20N, 6C3W2, 9RCDC, 9T215, 9T269, AA90PM111, AD, ADP, ADP90VH B, ADP90VH D, ADP90ZD B, ADP90ZD BA, C120H, CM889, D094H, DA90PE0, DA90PE1, DA90PE3, DA90PM111, DA90PM130, DA90PS1, DA90PS2, DF266, DF315, FA90PE1, FA90PM111, HA90PE1, HH44H, J62H3, JCF3V, KD8HY, LA90PE1, LA90PM111, LA90PM130, LA90PS0, LA90PS1, LA90PSO, MK947, MM545, MV2MM, NN236, NY512, O6C3W2, O9RCDC, O9T215, O9T269, OC120H, OC12OH, OCM889, ODF266, ODF315, OH0W77, OHH44H, OHOW77, OJ62H3, OJCF3V, OKD8HY, OMK947, OMM545, OMV2MM, ONN236, ONY512, OOW6KV, OTK3DM, OU680F, OU68OF, OU7809, OUU572, OW6KV, OWK890, OWTC0V, OWTCOV, OY4M8K, OY807G, OY808G, OYD9W8, OYY20N, PA, PA-1900, TK3DM, U680F, U7809, UU572, WK890, WTC0V, WTCOV, Y4M8K, Y807G, Y808G, YD9W8, YY20N

- Green Cell power adapter for your laptop
- Built-in surge protection to keep your devices safe
- Automatic switch to maintenance mode when the battery is fully charged

- AC Input: 100-240V AC
- Output: 19.5V, 4.62A, 90W
- Plug: 7.4mm x 5.0mm

Package includes:
- 1 x Green Cell Pro adapter / laptop charger
- 1 x Power cable
- 1 x Power supply

This product is compatible with:
- Dell Vostro: P19G001, P52G002, 3555, 3750, P13E, P13E001, P13S, P16F001, P16F002, P18F, P18F002, P18F004, P19G, P22G001, P22G003, P22G004, 500, P34G001, 1445, 1550, 2420, 2520, 3450, 3550, P10G001, V130, 3500, 1450, 1540, 3350, 3460, 3560, 1510, 1520, 2510, PP36L, PP36S, 2521, P18F001, P22G, P13S001, P16F, P24F, P24F001, P34G, 1700, P06E, P06E001, P09F, P09F001, P09S, P09S001, P10G, 1014, 1014n, 1015, 1015n, 1088, 1088n, PP37L, PP38L, 3400, 3500n, 3700, P45F, P45F001, PP36X, V131, 2421, 3445, 3446, 3546, P27F, P27F001, P37G, P37G001, P52G, P52G001, 1710, 1710n, 1720, 1720n, 1000, P18S, P18S001, PP23LB, 5460, 5560, P34F, P34F001, P41G, P41G001, P41G002, P16S, P16S001, 1420, 3360, A90, P22G002, P32G, P32G001, PP22X, PP26L, PP29L, PP39S
- Dell Inspiron: 13R, 14, 14R, 15, 15R, 17R, P07F, P07F001, P07F002, P07F003, P08E, P08E001, P10F, P10F001, P10F002, P10S, P10S001, P11G, P11G001, P17F, P17F001, P18F001, P18F003, P20G, P20G001, P22G, P22G001, P22G002, Q15R, P09G001, 1520, 1521, PP41L, P18F, P18F002, P15E, P15E001, P25F, P25F001, P25F002, P33G, P33G001, P33G002, 13z, 1720, 1721, 14z, 15z,, PP08L, 17, 5425, 9200, 500m, 510m, 8500, 8600, 9100, P17E, P17E001, P17E002, P26E, P26E001, P28F, P28F001, P28F003, P37G, P37G001, P37G003, P53G, P53G001, 9300, 9400, E1705, 1764, P07E, P07E001, P08F001, E1501, 500, P23G, P23G001, P11S, P11S001, P11S002, PP05L, PP05XB, PP22L, PP23LA, P08F, P09G, P39F, P39F001, P39F002, P39F003, P49G, P49G001, 1150, 13, 1427, 1570, 300m, 5010, 5420, 7520, D02U, D02U001, D02U002, M501R, M511R, P04S, P04S001, P07G, P07G001, P07G003, P18F004, P24E, P24E001, P24E002, P26F, P26F001, P35G, P35G001, P36F, P36F001, P52G, P52G001, P53G002, PP02X, PP09L, PP10L, PP14L, PP22X, PP42L
- Dell Latitude: PP09S, PP13S, PP32LB, P19S001, PP06S, E5400, E5410, E5500, E5510, E6500, E6510, E6220, E6230, E6430, E6430S, E5220, E5520, E5520M, E5530, E6520, E6530, E6540, P48G001, P40G002, P40G001, E5420, E5420M, E5430, E6420, E6440, P44G001, P36G001, E4300, E4310, E4320, E4400, P14F, P14F001, P15F, P15F001, P15G, P15G001, P16G, P16G001, P19F, P19F001, P25G, P25G001, P25G002, P27G, P27G001, P28G, P28G001, P29F, P29F001, P38G, P38G001, D420, D430, D630N, D631, D631N, D820, D830, D830n, PP18L, D620, D630, D630c, E5440, E6320, E6330, E6400, E6410, D531, PP04X, D500, D505, D600, D800, D510, D610, D810, PP10L, PP11L, 6430u, P36G, 3440, 3540, 3570, P28F, P28F004, P37G, P37G004, P50F, P50F001, PP27LA, PP27LA001, PP30L, PP30LA001, PP36S, D520, D530, PP05L, PP17L, D531N, P12S, P12S001, P14T, P14T001, P15S, P15S001, P19S, 3330, P18S, P18S002, 3340, 3450, 3550, E5250, E5450, E5540, E5550, E7240, E7250, E7440, E7450, P22S, P22S001, P22S002, P25S, P25S001, P37F, P37F001, P38F, P38F001, P44G, P47G, P47G001, P48G, P51G, P51G001, PP30LA, PP32LA, 100L, 110L, 120L, 3560, 5404, 5414, 7404, 7414, D400, D410, D831, E5270, E5470, E5570, E7270, E7470, P05F, P05F001, P05G, P05G001, P06G, P06G001, P15F002, P16G002, P23T, P23T001, P24F, P24F001, P26S, P26S001, P40G, P45G, P45G001, P45G002, P46G, P46G001, P46G002, P48F, P48F001, P61G, P61G001, P62G, P62G001, PP02X, PP08L, PP10S, PP21L, PP27L, PPO5S, PPT, SX, X1, XP4
- Dell Studio: PP39L, XPS, P02E002, 1735, 1737, 1537, 1555, 1557, 1558, PP33L, 1450, 1457, 1458, 1745, 1747, 1749, P02E, P02E001, 1435, 14z, 1569, P03G, P03G001, P06F, P06F001, PP24L, PP31L, PP40L
- Dell Precision: M20, M2300, M65, M2400, M40, M50, M4300, M60, M70, PP15L, PP27L, PP01X, PP02X, PP04X, PP11L, PP18L
- Dell XPS: P12G001, PP11S, 15, 15Z, P12F001, 14, M1350, P11F, P11F001, P11F003, P12G, P30G, P30G001, M1210, P12F, P23F, P23F001
- Dell Alienware: M11x, P06T, P06T001, P06T002, P06T003

Packing: Euroblister
Product number: T31 3756 | EAN: 5902701410735





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