• Software Repair

    Are you experiencing software / firmware problems with your mobile phone / tablet?

    Does your device not boot? Is the Operating System running slow, lagging or occasionally restarting? Are your favourite applications force-closing or becoming unresponsive?
    Software Repair
    32,20 EUR
    PROD REF: 90000
  • iPad Air 2 LCD and Touch Screen Repair - White

    Is the glass of your iPad Air 2 broken and the LCD defective? - If your phone looks like in the picture, then the glass is broken and the LCD is defective.

    We know that having a glass or LCD broken is really annoying and therefore we offer one of the lowest prices for this repair in the market.
    iPad Air 2 LCD and Touch Screen Repair - White
    261,10 261,10 EUR
    PROD REF: 93155-VAR
  • iPad Air 2 Diagnosis

    Do you have problems with your iPad Air 2 and cannot find out what is wrong even though you have read the manual?
    iPad Air 2 Diagnosis
    12,90 EUR
    PROD REF: 92879