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iPad Pro (1st Gen) Accessories

The 12.9'' iPad Pro was unveiled in September 2015, along with an iPad mini 4 and two new iPhone models. Aside from the large display, this powerful device boasts Apple's A9x processor, an 8-megapixel camera, and 4GB of RAM, and offers up to 10 hours of battery life. Thin and light, the iPad Pro comes with Apple Pencil support and a 4-speaker audio system.

A World of iPad Pro Accessories Is Waiting for You on MyTrendyPhone

Apple's iPad Pro might be a fantastic device, but it's far from perfect, which is probably what led you to this page in the first place. Perhaps you dropped your tablet to the floor by accident and damaged it a bit, or you simply realized that you want the sound coming from it to be a little louder. Then it occurred to you – this can be prevented / achieved with a couple of iPad Pro accessories ! Whichever situation you found yourself in, you got that right! When carefully chosen, accessories can make a world of difference both for mobile phones and tablets, and we can proudly say that MyTrendyPhone has a wide range of high-quality accessories only. All you have to do is decide what your iPad Pro needs.

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Improve and Boost Your iPad Pro with Different Accessories

Many people believe that it's not necessary to equip their tablet or smartphone with accessories and choose to avoid using them. While they may be partially right – your device can live without accessories – the fact stands that these useful products can help you out if and when you run into some problems with your handset or tablet. The same goes for the iPad Pro.

For example, if you start having trouble with your iPad's battery, you can jump right into our category “Batteries” and search for a new one to replace the weak one. If you need a portable source of energy, then we suggest you invest into a power bank that will always be there to provide your iPad Pro with additional power.

Accessories can also have a completely decorative purpose – take tablet and phone skins, for example. The look of your iPad Pro might be interesting to you for the first couple of months, but in case you get bored of it, you might want to change things up a bit and that's where skins come into the picture. Simply apply a unique skin to the surface of your tablet and you'll soon be looking at a completely different device!

Bluetooth accessories make things easier and more interesting when you need to use your iPad, holders keep it secure and in place (allowing you to multitask), while car accessories ensure that all of your car rides pass without any issues and incidents . Naturally, if you have butter fingers or think that you will damage your iPad Pro in any way, the best thing to do is purchase protective accessories.

Safe and Sound with iPad Pro Cases and Covers

The only type of accessories that we'd recommend to everyone. Why? Because they ensure that your iPad Pro stays in one piece for a long, long time. On MyTrendyPhone, you can find a wide selection of iPad Pro cases and covers, meaning that everyone should be able to get something they really like.

One of the most popular types of cases are wallet leather cases which are not only elegant and durable, but protect both your tablet's front and back. Some of them turn into practical stands for watching various media files, others come with detachable keyboards that allow you to type on your iPad Pro more easily. Of course, you can pick a plain, brown leather case, or one with an interesting pattern.

If leather cases are just not you, then consider getting a cloth bag, a silicone case, or one of Apple's own protective covers. Ultimately, it doesn't matter which protective accessory you choose – what matters is that you can be sure it will keep your iPad safe from dirt and all those pesky scratches and bumps.

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