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Need a iPad Pro (1. Gen) case? Do you want to ensure optimal protection for your mobile device while giving it a touch of originality? Buying a case for iPad Pro (1. Gen) is a good decision. Discover our wide range of powerbanks, selfie sticks, smartwatches and other useful gadgets and improve the performance of your smartphone!

  • iPad Pro Four-Fold Smart Folio Case
    12,70 EUR

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    iPad Pro Four-Fold Smart Folio Case

  • Anti-Slip iPad Pro TPU Case - Transparent
    5,00 EUR

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    Anti-Slip iPad Pro TPU Case - Transparent

  • iPad Pro Ultra Slim TPU Case
    8,90 EUR

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    iPad Pro Ultra Slim TPU Case

  • Universal Protective Laptop Sleeve LSS-S013A - 13"
    12,70 EUR

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    Universal Protective Laptop Sleeve LSS-S013A - 13"


A Bountiful Choice of iPad Pro Cases on MyTrendyPhone

Apple's huge, yet surprisingly slim tablet that debuted in September 2015 came with the most advanced Retina display the company had come up with up to that point and, naturally, everyone who'd laid their hands on the beautiful device wished to indefinitely keep it pristine and flawless. Which is, undoubtedly, why you have landed on this page today, as well. Luckily, you are exactly where you're supposed to be. On MyTrendyPhone you'll be sure to find ample protective accessories for tablets and more specifically, iPad Pro cases, designed to shield your tablet from various degrees of external damage. All you need to do is pick between diverse types of cases, materials they're made of, colours and patterns and we'll do our best to help you make that final choice.

The What's What of Protective Cases for the iPad Pro

Before making your decision, it is always highly recommendable to know the divergent characteristics of different kinds of cases. For example, if you wish to envelop your iPad in a soft case in order to protect it from scratches, dust and dirt, our array of cloth bags is exactly what you need. If, on the other hand, you gravitate more towards sturdier protection, you are free to choose between crystal cases, leather cases and silicone cases for the iPad Pro. Crystal cases will not detract from your tablet's attractive design and form, but they will keep your tablet safe and give you full access to all its functions and ports. Leather cases come in myriads of shapes, with numerous different properties and are often easily foldable into convenient stands suitable for easy typing and media viewing. An iPad Pro silicone case is perfect for absorbing the impact of shocks and drops. Which brings us to smart cases and waterproof cases. A smart case for the iPad Pro comes with an automatic on/off cover which awakens your tablet when you wish to use it and puts it back to sleep when you close it. Moreover, you will find these types of cases in dozens of different patterns, so you can make your iPad as unique as you wish by treating it to a specific smart case. And lastly, the waterproof cases which, as their name suggest, efficiently shield your iPad from humidity and water and are ideal for various outdoor activities.

Why Go for Original Apple Accessories on MyTrendyPhone

All the abovementioned cases are made by various third-party manufacturers and what's attractive about these iPad Pro accessories is they are usually quite affordable. Genuine Apple cases, however, tend to be slightly more expensive, but if you are looking for an absolute fit for your device, you can't do better than original Apple iPad Pro cases and covers. Made specifically for the iPad Pro, the Smart Cover and Silicone Case will protect your device, while maintaining the highest possible functionality of the tablet at all times. You can get the Smart Cover in two colours—charcoal gray and white—and, if you combine it with the Silicone Case, you will get full-on front-and-back coverage.


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