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Why Do You Need an iPhone Car Holder?

Holding your phone and talking while driving can be dangerous. You can’t watch the road and think about driving carefully since your attention is somewhere else. Therefore, an Apple iPhone car holder steps in and solves these issues. We, at MyTrendyPhone, are very committed to the health of our consumers, so we decided to provide a wide range of iPhone holders for a car.

These products are not there only to hold the phone steadily while you drive or to prevent your phone from falling. They have multiple uses:

  • Navigation - Instead of buying a navigation device, you can use your Apple phone as a navigation tool. Today, every phone is strong enough to navigate you to your destination. All you need is a car phone holder, and you are good to go.
  • Hands-free calls - This is maybe the most practical use of the phone holder for car. You can use it to make hands-free phone calls while you drive. Even if you have a Bluetooth headset, you occasionally have to glance at your phone. And it is best to have it right in front of you. Put your safety first.
  • Charging - Most of the in-car holders for the iPhone have a charging function. This feature comes handy on the road, especially for using your iPhone for navigation, or making phone calls. All of that drains the battery.
    When you are busy, the last thing you want to worry about is a car charger, a cable, and other things. For that reason, visit our online shop, find the best iPhone holder your car ever had, and leave behind concerns about the low battery.
  • Entertainment - This usually refers to audio entertainment like audiobooks, podcasts, or music. You can make your long drives more amusing.

Choose a Type of In-Car iPhone Holder According to Your Needs

There are different types of in-car phone holders, and they vary depending on how you mount the phone and how you fix the holder. No matter which one you choose, you need to ensure that it is compatible with your Apple smartphone.

We offer a rich selection of the car holders for your iPhone. You can search them depending on your iPhone model whether it is an iPhone 5s, SE, or newer versions like iPhone 11, Xs, or XR.

Thanks to our search filters, you can find the right type of mobile phone holder for your iPhone. Visit our website, put the name of your phone in the search box and you will get the list of the best iPhone car holders.

Our prices are very affordable, and we have a wide selection of good-quality products.

  • Dashboard holder is maybe the most popular car phone holder because it is close to the driver and the head. But before you start searching for the right car holder, you have to decide what exactly you need it for and what functionalities it should have.
    You have to decide about how you want to install the phone mount. Do you want to install it with the help of a suction cup or glue it using an adhesive?
    Another important thing is to decide whether you want to use it in the portrait or landscape mode (for example, for the navigation).
  • Windshield holder - Many car holders have a suction mechanism you can mount on the windshield. However, these are less popular because they can block your view. But luckily, they can be placed on the dashboard as well as the windshield. Some holders have a 360 degree angle, the feature that enables you to use your smartphone in every imaginable position which fits your needs.
  • Air vent holder - Car vent is a perfect place for a car holder. It is very convenient and does not take too much space. It is easy to install these holders in the vent mount of your car. Only clip them only on the air vent. The most practical one is a magnetic phone holder which fits a range of different iPhone models.

Now you are ready to order your perfect iPhone holder. Use it in your car and enjoy your future safe rides.

Check out all of our benefits, from quick delivery to low prices, from 30 days price-match to Club Trendy discount of 7%.

If you have any questions at all, you are more then welcome to chat with us, give us a call or send an email. Enjoy shopping and ride with us!


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