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Equip your mobile phone with an iPhone XR screen protector and enjoy it worry-free. Check out our wide range of cleaning products and screen protectors for iPhone XR, and order the ones you need the most. Secure your device and then combine it with other products - handy Bluetooth headphones or headset, practical wireless charger or trendy smart watch.

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Protect Your Smartphone with an iPhone XR Screen Protector

If you own the extraordinary iPhone XR, you may also be aware of how important it is to protect its delicate screen. Our online store is known for its wide range of mobile accessories for a range of devices, and the iPhone XR screen protectors are part of our large selection too.

Although the Liquid Retina IPS LCD screen on iPhone XR mobile phones is made of scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass with an oleophobic coating, it is still exposed if used without adequate protection. That is why we have written this guide - so that you can choose the model that suits you best more easily.

All our products can be purchased at 30-60% lower prices than in other online stores and your purchase on our website is 100% secure.

In the guide below, we present the most popular types of screen protection so you can have complete insight into what the market has to offer you before you choose your new iPhone XR screen protector.

The Best iPhone XR Screen Protectors on the Market

Some of our screen protectors are device-specific products, while others are universal. You cannot go wrong in your decision no matter which type you choose. The only thing you should be aware of when choosing an iPhone XR screen protector is whether the product covers the entire screen or only the flat part.

You can find more details in our product specifications, and we always recommend reading them before purchasing. The main types of iPhone XR screen protectors are:

  1. Tempered Glass: The protectors made of tempered glass may be transparent or they have a frame around the glass that would be the same colour as your phone (for example, black). Their thickness is about 0.3mm and the hardness is usually up to 9H.
    Image quality and touch sensitivity are not affected. If you buy protective glass with a dirt-repellent surface, your screen will improve significantly. A popular iPhone XR glass screen protector is the black iPhone XR PanzerGlass.
  2. Liquid Glass: The liquid protective glass is innovative screen protection in the form of a liquid substance. The substance is placed on the screen and automatically forms an antibacterial surface without air bubbles. This type fits a variety of devices. It protects against scratches, abrasion, grease, and other oil-based substances.
    The product is quick and easy to install and it reduces the incidence of bacteria by 99.9%. Our most popular model is 4smarts Universal Liquid Glass.
  3. Anti-Spy Glass: A privacy or anti-glare screen protector for iPhone XR is a specially made glass, which helps you see all the content on your phone free from the curious glares from those around you. If someone looks at your phone from an angle of more than 45 degrees, they will not be able to see anything. The anti-spy glass protects both the original appearance of the screen and your privacy.
    They are usually about 0.25mm thick which makes them easy and safe to use. One of our most popular models is Hat Prince Anti-Spy Glass for iPhone XR.
  4. Protective Film: These models are usually thinner than tempered glass, but they protect your device just as well. It takes a few minutes to mount them, but they do not affect the sensitivity. They will protect your iPhone XR from any minor damage that may occur during daily use. The most popular among our protective films is Belkin InvisiGlass iPhone XR Protective Film.

You can find a number of products within each category in our store. A tempered glass screen protector, liquid glass, and other screen protectors for iPhone XR, made by various manufacturers and within all price ranges, are all waiting for you!


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