• Software Repair

    Are you experiencing software / firmware problems with your mobile phone / tablet?

    Does your device not boot? Is the Operating System running slow, lagging or occasionally restarting? Are your favourite applications force-closing or becoming unresponsive?
    Software Repair
    32,20 EUR
    PROD REF: 90000
  • iPhone XR Front Camera Repair

    If you have a malfunctioning front-facing camera on your iPhone XR, let us take care of it. Do not miss the opportunity to discover the repair offer available in our online store and get a new chance to take great shots with the front camera of iPhone XR again.
    iPhone XR Front Camera Repair
    102,80 EUR
    PROD REF: 990420
  • iPhone XR Ringtone Speaker Repair

    Your iPhone XR doesn't ring or it makes unusual noise? Your device may have a broken ringtone speaker.

    We can diagnose the problem and replace a faulty part of your iPhone XR.
    iPhone XR Ringtone Speaker Repair
    51,40 EUR
    PROD REF: 990421
  • iPhone XR Diagnosis

    Do you have problems with your iPhone XR and cannot find out what is wrong even though you have read the manual?
    iPhone XR Diagnosis
    12,90 EUR
    PROD REF: 990349
  • iPhone XR Water Damage Repair

    If you dropped your iPhone XR in the toilet, or maybe went swimming with it in your pocket, chances are it is still working.
    iPhone XR Water Damage Repair
    32,20 EUR
    PROD REF: 990350
  • iPhone XR LCD and Touch Screen Repair - Black - Grade A

    Your iPhone XR looks like in the picture? If the Touchscreen doesn't react or it is badly damaged and the LCD screen displays unusual artefacts or doesn't work at all, than your device needs a LCD and Touch Screen repair.
    iPhone XR LCD and Touch Screen Repair - Black - Grade A
    186,50 186,50 EUR
    PROD REF: 990358
  • iPhone XR Charging Connector Flex Cable Repair

    Have you ever had problems with iPhone XR, such as not being able to charge your device? You may encounter a problem like this if the iPhone XR charging connector flex cable is damaged. The flex cable is an important part of the mobile phone because it connects its various parts.
    iPhone XR Charging Connector Flex Cable Repair
    64,20 EUR
    PROD REF: 990361-VAR
  • iPhone XR Camera Repair

    Do you happen to have a damaged iPhone XR photo camera, and you need another one? MyTrendyPhone provides a fast and efficient repair service for the main camera of your iPhone XR, and this will allow you to capture the best moments of your life again.
    iPhone XR Camera Repair
    135,00 135,00 EUR
    PROD REF: 990366
  • iPhone XR Earpiece Repair

    Is your iPhone XR earpiece broken or makes noise?
    We can perform a repair of your iPhone XR earpiece for you.
    iPhone XR Earpiece Repair
    66,80 EUR
    PROD REF: 990365