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Are you looking for a Volkswagen dashmount? You have landed on the right page! Besides the variety of different types of mobile accessories, we have a lot more in our offering. If you need car accessories, Headsets, or phone cases, look no further! Take a little time to search through our huge selection of accessories.

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Driving is Safer With a Volkswagen Dashmount

If you want to use your mobile phone safely during the car journey, then the Volkswagen dashmount is the right choice! This way, your mobile phone sits safely in one place and you can use it hands-free.

Even though Volkswagen cars are known for being safe, there are many ways to improve safety. Every driver should think of how to reduce all potential risks of driving.

Years ago, drivers didn’t have to worry about this issue. But today, smartphones consume every part of our life. Availability is extremely important and our phones are always turned on whether for our jobs or our family and friends.

However, the use of our phones while driving can have devastating results. A demanding activity like driving requires our undivided attention. If you are not focused enough, you endanger the lives of your passengers, your own life and everyone else on the road.

Avoid The Dangers of Using Your Phone While Driving

You can avoid all potential risks of using your phone whil driving with a small accessory that can change your life. The dashmount can make your lifee easier and your driving safer.

Purchase one of our handy dashmounts and place them anywhere you like - on the windshield, dashboard, or on an air vent. Also, choose between the spring-loaded or magnetic dashmount, or attach it onto a dashboard with a suction cup.

But why stop at dashmounts? You can always browse through our other useful car accessories. So check out our selection of Acar chargers, car phone holders, dash cams, and much more!

MyTrendyPhone - Your Supplier of Phone Accessories

Whenever you buy a new Phone, the first thing you should think of is protection. It is always recommended to protect your phone with a phone case or screen protector.

A phone case protects the back and sides of your device. On the other hand, by using a screen protector you can avoid cracks and scratches on the screen of your phone.

However, our offering is not limited to only protective accessories. We have fun accessories like pop sockets or selfie sticks and other useful accessories like phone chargers, docking stations, and more!

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