Choose the Samsung Galaxy S20 case that will provide the best protection for your device. Our offer includes many designs of these products, with many colours and materials, and it will allow you to easily choose your protective cover. Thanks to a case for Samsung Galaxy S20, you no longer have to worry about protecting your smartphone. Have fun shopping!

Find Your New Samsung S20 Case Today

You have done your homework, compared a number of models, their capacities and functions, and in the end, opted for Samsung Galaxy S20. Well done! Now it’s time to protect your beauty from everyday wear and tear and you are good to go!

It is always recommendable to start the protection of your smartphone with a Samsung S20 case and a screen protector that best suits your needs.

If you are tired of research, MyTrendyPhone is there for you to help you choose the best phone case for your device. Read our short guide, reconsider your options, and order high-quality protection at the best prices on the market.

Our ordering process is fast and easy, which means that you are only a few clicks away from the optimal protection for your Samsung smartphone. Let’s start!

Choose a Samsung Galaxy S20 Case of Your Preference

The criteria for selecting a new smartphone case from this wide range are more or less always the same. Do you prefer back-side protection only or do you feel safer if your device is entirely wrapped up in a Samsung S20 phone case? What materials do you find most reliable? What is your favourite colour or pattern?

If you have these answers already, just use our filters on the left and find a protective case in no time. If not, read further and discover the pros and cons of each model in a nutshell.

The silicone back cover is thin and flexible, it does not put on additional weight to the device and it can be transparent, which preserves the original colour of your smartphone. But, it does not protect the device’s 5.8” screen, so we recommend you combine it with a Galaxy S20 screen protector.

The flip case provides all-sided protection and the flipping part usually can serve as a stand. If a model is thin, it also does not make the device too bulky. However, it is not always the case, plus it is not the best option if you have chosen your smartphone for its design.

The wallet case is practical for its extra slots for credit cards and pocket money. It saves space in your bag significantly. Yet it is pretty bulky and heavy. On the other hand, you can choose its design the same way you choose your wallet, as they are made in a variety of materials and patterns.

The hybrid case is also bulky but its design and anti-slip feature give it a specifically powerful look. Bear in mind that hybrid cases are usually back-side protection and if you opt for one, your screen needs some extra protection, such as tempered glass.

When it comes to the material, we offer them all: artificial and genuine leather, silicone, TPU, and neoprene. Their durability depends on the producer, model, and of course your treatment.

Additional features of a Samsung S20 Phone Case

We have already mentioned that flip covers have a built-in stand feature. However, other models can come with a stand, too. But if you want a stable and reliable phone grip in a variety of situations, you can also visit our selection of phone holders.

Waterproof cases and armbands are an excellent choice for sports and outdoor activities. A variation to these two is a bike holder with a case. They provide optimal protection regardless of weather, humidity, and shock.

We recommend that you always read the product specification on your new Samsung Galaxy S20 case. Be sure that the case fits your device, that it is compatible with its features (such as wireless charging), and other accessories you already have for your phone (such as chargers and holders).

However, If you still have questions about our products, do not hesitate to contact our customer support.